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What are Impact Windows?

Impact windows are short for impact-resistant windows. These are windows able to withstand focused impacts from flying debris, hurled stones or intentional hammering.

What would break an ordinary glass window might leave an impact window unscathed, unscratched like swinging a regular claw hammer.

But if you have someone swing a sledgehammer on it, you’ll have a smashed area on the impacted point. However, a hefty man swinging a sledgehammer on the same spot twenty-four times at full force won’t still go through.

That’s how impervious the impact windows are.

So, impact windows can crack and get smashed with heavier duty tools or stronger impacts of higher velocity but they hold tenaciously well together.

It’s no wonder they are highly recommended for areas experiencing multiple hurricane visits a year. It’s a step up from using plywood shutters to cover up windows every time a hurricane comes through.

What Makes Impact Windows Strong?

The durability of Impact Windows comes from its composition and how it’s made.

The regular ordinary annealed glass windows keep the wind, rain, and dust out. They’re just fine for many homes that don’t have to worry about dangerous gusts. They’re most common. They aren’t given any extra heat treatment or strengthening. They are the most affordable glass windows available.

The next level up is tempered glass. These are the same glass windows used in cars. They’re also called safety glass because they are four times stronger than the ordinary annealed glass. That’s why most construction codes require all sliding patio doors and doors near any hazardous locations use tempered glass.

Tempered glass is heated up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit that enables it to stick together when impacted but it may result in a puncture, a hole.

Impact-resistant glass is sturdier than tempered glass. And the reason is they are laminated, not just hardened by heat. They can get smashed when the impact is hard enough but they are tenacious in holding together. Smashed but not breached.

Countless tests are made firing two by fours at 50 feet per second on an impact-resistant glass. That’s solid wood fired with its point end striking at about 30 miles per hour, similar to how it would be like in a 110 mile per hour wind.

Impact glass stops the wood projectile on impact consistently all the time. It doesn’t go through.

What’s In The Impact Glass?

The process of putting together an impact glass involves the glass lamination itself and then the framing.

Let’s take a look at the glass lamination.

Impact glass is actually made of one or more glass sandwiched together.

They are cut to size ready for the adhesion.

In between the glass is a cut layer of polyvinyl butyral, a leathery hardened resin layer often used for anything that requires strong binding, optical clarity, adhesion to many surfaces, tenacity and flexibility. This layer is just short of an eighth of an inch in thickness.

They are cut and layered with the glass in a separate clean area dedicated for this part of the process to prevent contamination.

With all three layers sandwiched together, they are pressed in a roller and then sent to an autoclave, cooked under heat and pressure at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for four hours.

More impervious impact glass will have more layers sandwiched together with the same ingredients of glass and resin made into one unit. Such are used in suspended glass bridges and suspended swimming pools like the one in The Embassy Gardens in London and the Hanging Pool at the InterContinental Dubai.

Energy Efficient Extra Features

These days there are features that complement the tenacity of the impact glass windows, much of which involves managing heat and light. You may want to learn more about the laminated insulating glass feature, the heat-reducing glass tints and the application of the Low-E coating.

Low-E coating is a frequent feature incorporating microscopically thin metal coating that enables the impact glass to reflect heat during summer and retaining heat in the room during winter. This coating is placed on the outside glass closest to the heat source.

Low-E coating and one other energy-efficient feature such as warm-edge spacer technology incorporated in between window panes and better framing materials make for a window that has the ENERGY STAR label, a quality standard set by the Department of Energy as an industry benchmark.

You’d hear of the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient or SHGC of impact-resistant glass windows indicating how well the window transmits heat from the Sun. You’ll also hear of the R and U values pertaining to the level of resistance the window material has on heat flow.

An ENERGY STAR qualified window lowers your monthly energy bill which means less carbon dioxide emission in the whole electric power generation system thereby benefiting the environment.

The Main Window Frame Adds Strength To Impact Glass

Having a double-ply glass window with polyvinyl butyral clear sealing is one huge thing. Then, there’s the framing.

Because a double glass window is much heavier, you’ve got to have the main window frame that can bear the weight and complement the strength of the glass to withstand high velocity impacting flying objects.

The trim edge of the impact glass window is normally made from extruded aluminum or durable vinyl that’s much thicker, much heavier than the trim edge for regular glass pane.

These heavy-duty frames start off from a machining area where aluminum extrusions are shaped and cut according to the client’s impacted glass window dimension. These are then screwed together by hand at the assembly table.

A machine lays out even layers of special silicon on the edges of the frame where the glass is to be set. Then the glass is placed on the frame with the silicon making the seal joining it with the frame.

The timing of the seal is very important for the adhesion. It also functions as a water repellent to keep moisture from the edges of the impact glass pane.

Styling of Frame

These heavy-duty impact-resistant glass window frames are styled according to client’s design preferences.

They may opt for single hung windows with a glass pane you can lift to open. You may choose the horizontal roller windows with a glass pane you slide to open. You may like the casement or projected windows with a glass pane swinging out. Or you may prefer the picture or architectural windows that don’t open at all.

You may also consider a sliding impacted glass or French doors.

Or you have a choice of colonial or Brittany styles with optional mountings.

All these incorporations of mainframe styling happen with the impacted glass panes put together. They are cleaned to take out smudges, dirt and any excess silicon left on the glass or the frame. This is the final procedure before packing for transport.

In-Situ Window Assembly

On top of the impact-resistant glass durability and the added sturdiness of the mainframe, careful attention is made to set the whole assembly on a window sill that protrudes just enough to hold the frame in place stopping it from getting pushed into the house.

It’s a structural method of keeping anything unwanted out especially in a hurricane.

Right before the glass assembly is placed, a line of polyurethane caulking is applied on the perimeter of the clean window sill protrusion where it acts both as an adhesive and waterproofing.

Durable and long Tap Crohn Screws are drilled around the mainframe holding the impact glass permanently setting the whole assembly on the concrete sill. All 120 pounds of impact glass protection becomes part of the strength of the wall.

The general rule on impact glass window dimension is two and three-fourths inches minimum frame depth on the windows. Five and one-eighth inches is the guiding rule for sliding glass door width.

Practically Impervious Glass Protection

With this number of layers of strength and protection that integrates with the foundational structure of your house, it’s no wonder impact-resistant windows have become a growing addition to homes especially in areas visited by hurricanes multiple times throughout each year.

The double-layered glass composition with polyvinyl butyral layer cooked in between to become one glass pane unit feels hard to the touch, solid when you knock on it. You’ll notice a significant soundproofing effect when it’s installed.

It’s no wonder an impact window replaces the need for boarding or shuttering, a usual routine to protect single-layered annealed windows at the onset of every coming hurricane.

And since the structure holds up well against 50 miles per hour flying four by twos and repeated hammering with a sledgehammer without punching through, the multilayered impact-resistant glass pane also becomes an intruder deterrent, an added layer of protection for your loved ones.

Your house truly becomes a space of safety and protection.

With all that in the manufacture of this home asset, it’s not surprising the impact windows normally costs three to four times the cost of an ordinary annealed glass window pane. If you’ve got the money, it’s certainly worth the investment.

If you are looking for new impact windows on your home in Wellington, FL or anywhere in the state of Florida, please give us a call at 561-220-3962